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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gerik Oh Gerik♥

I was standing at the foyer masa ni. Waiting for my group's turn nak buat topping cupcakes. I miss that one! Haha, first time buat cupcakes, but the taste is not bad leh. I was so excited, sampai semua benda nak buat. From A-Z lah senang cerita ( biasa la, orang tak pernah tolong mama kat dapur kan ) Hm, our group is the first trip yg buat cake, but the topping, we all had to wait for like so long. Then, NADIAH BAHDUM and NADH HARUN ajak take a walk first. Jalan jalan around maktab, well, that time we only have like 3 or 4 more days in MJSC GERIK. Jalan jalan for like the last time maybe, nanti rindu. We went infront of the office lah, tengok bunga lah, then jalan dekat foyer. This picture was taken by NADH HARUN. You can see a banner behind me, and it's ABAH ( TUAN MD NOH B JANI; Principal ) in the banner. The fish pond was actually baru siap je. Haha, when the form threes were all about to leave the maktab, baru la nak buat macam macam fun stuffs. Pffft, marah ni marah. And MERBAU even decorated the rec room like a HOUSE tau. Adoii, geramnyeeee. Haha, nvm. Okay okay, back to the picture. So, I miss wearing that MIGTY shirt mannn. (:

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