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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countdown Rosak. Macam haram leh.

Actually, I was counting down for the release of THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY MV with Su Mazlan tadi. Since couple of days before lagi, benaaar. Haha, punya lah semangat. Tadi kat FB around 11.30, dah semangat gila count down. We wait and waited for like couple of minutes, and finally it's 12 o'clock! And the 11.11.11 has finally come. (11th November 2011) Tapi, heck! It's not releases yet. Pffft, sad much. Buat penat je. Dah siap with my new wish thingy, tp tak jadi pun. Hoho, damn! So, mcm tu lah lebih kurang ceritanyee. Susu, susu. We're funny kan? Haha.

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