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Saturday, October 15, 2011

St Marians Flashback (:

These are some of my best buddies evaah.
But major sekarang dah bertudung, including me.
Sbb ramai yg pengaruh dekat asrama.
Like me, Aryana Keyes, Nad Safri and Athirah.
Firzana pun dah pakai now. Farah Azmi, Fatin Zaki, Yea almost everyone.
I kinda miss em' and sometimes I do regret myself for leaving SMK St Mary.
But what to do, evrything yg brlaku ada hikmah di sebaliknyaaa. Ahaaaa ;DD
Not all of my friends were in the pic, Nino ( Adlinur Lam), Kyro, Lynna, Soff (sofea anis), Firzana and more takde pun dlm ni.
I was so touched when they all said that they all have never forget me.
And especially when :

Me ; Nino, I miss my old school, :'(
Adlinur: Yea, and your old school miss you more.

Aww, that was very precious words for me.
Whatever it is; St Marians spirits were always in the air :D

This one was done by my deary budd, Nadh Harun♥
Seriously, I love her art, dia creative sangat.
She done it like she is a pro, semua cantik cantik.
Saya cemburu tengok orang pandai lukis.
Because I dont have that kind of hands like Nadh.
Super, she made it look real sometimes.
And I was like, so excited masa dia lukiskan gambar Taylor Swift untuk saya.
Cantik! Agaga (:

Here it is.

Lawa kan?
Okay, tata :D